The cut and shape of I PEZZI DIPINTI knitwear is unique and deliberately crafted to flatter its wearer. Originally developed to fit her own body type and knitwear needs, Cathryn Collins has worked closely with Italian cashmere experts for years to achieve the cut of I PEZZI DIPINTI knitwear.

One of the defining features of the IPD cut and shape is the narrow shoulder. The narrow shoulder creates a form fitting aspect to the sweater, avoiding any “boxy” quality, while still maintaining enough room to comfortably fit individuals with varying shoulder widths. IPD knitwear has a higher armhole and longer sleeves, providing an elongating quality in the arms of the wearer.


High Armhole

Slim Torso

Long Sleeve



40″ x 80″

Wool Wanka Khana

35″ x 85″

Standard Throw

50″ x 90″

Linen Shawl

40″ x 85″

Linen Pareo

21″ x 83″

Kalagai Square

65″ x 65″

Large Throw

70″ x 90″