Cashmere loves water…it softens and returns life to the fibers.

Mix half a teaspoon of mild liquid soap (Woolite) into a large basin of cold water.

Soak one piece of knitwear at a time; push the piece softly so the water runs through it.

Do not rub or wring the piece.

On a dry towel, “block” the sweater to its proper shape, removing wrinkles and creases.

Move sweater to new dry towel and block once more.

If needed: place a linen or cotton cloth (i.e. dish towel) on top of the sweater and press lightly with iron to remove any wrinkles and touch up desired areas.

I PEZZI DIPINTI styles that are made from cashmere fabric that has been knit and then cut and sewn into jackets or shirts, should instead be dry cleaned by a reputable drycleaner in order to maintain their shape. Although they too can be hand washed, for those of us who are less expert at doing so, dry cleaning will achieve better results.

When cleaning or dry cleaning any pieces, please remove leather or wooden buttons and reattach when the cleaning process is complete.


CASHMERE: If you are confident in your hand washing ability please follow the steps above. Otherwise bring all cashmere textiles to a reliable dry cleaner.

LINEN: Please follow the steps above. You may hang these pieces for drying.


Bring to a reliable dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning and treating fur.


All cashmere knitwear should be folded using acid free white tissue inside to avoid creasing and stored folded in a moth free location.

The cashmere hand-loomed textiles should be dry cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner and stored folded in a moth free zone.

The video below illustrates our recommended method for folding shawls.